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    Welcome to our Macerators category at Plumbco Online. Here, you will find a wide selection of macerator units and accessories to meet your needs for efficient waste disposal in bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. Macerators are compact devices that break down solid waste into fine particles, allowing it to be easily pumped away through small-diameter pipes. Whether you're planning to install a new bathroom or renovating an existing space, macerators are an excellent solution for situations where traditional gravity drainage is not feasible. Our range of macerators includes different models with varying capacities and features, ensuring there's a suitable option for your specific requirements. From single-unit macerators to dual-purpose units that can handle both WC waste and gray water, we have the right solution to suit your needs. In addition to macerators, we also offer a range of macerator accessories, such as macerator pumps, macerator lids, and macerator connectors, to facilitate easy installation and maintenance. All our macerator units are sourced from reputable manufacturers known for their quality and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind. They are designed to operate quietly and efficiently, ensuring effective waste removal without disrupting your daily routine. Our experienced team is here to assist you in selecting the right macerator unit for your specific application and provide expert advice on installation and maintenance. Explore our Macerators category and discover efficient and reliable solutions for waste disposal in areas where conventional plumbing is challenging. Shop with confidence at Plumbco Online, your trusted source for quality plumbing products and solutions.

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    Picture of Saniflo Sanislim Macerator

    Saniflo Sanislim Macerator

    The Sanislim enables you to install a complete new bathroom, with 2 side inlets you can include a WC, basin, bidet and shower in your new room with just one Saniflo unit.
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    Picture of Sanitop UP (6002)

    Sanitop UP (6002)

    A macerator is a pump that can be installed to take black waste water away from WC's, basins, showers and a range of other appliances. It is a pump featuring a cutting blade that grinds up waste into pulp for discharge through small bore pipework to a drainage pipe.

    The Sanitop Up has two inlets, to allow for both the WC and basin connection, it fits unobtrusively behind a WC and it discharges through 22, 28 or 32mm pipework. With a quiet motor and the improved casing design the Sanitop Up looks neater and more discreet than ever.
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    Picture of Sanivite+


    Perfect for pumping out domestic waste water, in a utility room or an island within a kitchen, the Sanivite + has four inlets. Allowing you to include a basin, washing machine, dishwasher or sink into your new room, using just one Saniflo unit. This macerating pump system can easily be hidden within kitchen units, or behind a demountable panel, for simple servicing and maintenance. It discharges through 32mm pipework.
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